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Bankcard Service Assistant

Bankcard Service Assistant

Downtown Milan, IL

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the organization’s corporate purchasing card program such as the issuance, renewal, and modification; cancellation, records retention, and distribution lists; compliance issues and customer service (credit limit increases, policy interpretation, exception transaction processing, etc.)

  • Render support to cardholders, data and technology department, human resources, and credit card administrators, and other groups to assist them with questions and concerns relating to corporate and purchasing card transactions and policies

  • Bankcard Service assistants may also be required to review and provide business requirements for system design, process flow, and solutions for credit card processing

  • Responsible for carrying out general client services such as responding to phone calls and emails, and data entry for setting up new clients; verifying and updating merchant’s business information within the firm’s CRM, and managing work-flow related to a call queue and day to day time management

Position Requirements:

  • Individuals seeking this job must possess collaboration skills, communication skills, and customer service skills to perform the job successfully
  • Problem-solving skills

  • Computer skills: Applicants must have advanced computer skills with Microsoft Office

    tools, especially MS Excel

  • Collaborative skills: Applicants are required to possess the ability to interface with

    different units, as well as the ability to lead and work with a team


Job Type: Full-time