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A Mobile Fraud Protection Tool: CardValet®

CardValet gives Blackhawk Bank & Trust debit MasterCard® users the ability to actively manage your debit card usage by defining when, where and how your debit card is used.

Watch the video to learn how to: 

  • Receive alerts based on transaction types merchant types locations and spend limits
  • Restrict purchases to your location. Even limit the purchase amount. If a purchase doesn’t meet your criteria, it's declined.
  • Manage spending by limiting purchases to specific merchant categories such as restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Approve Transaction Types made in-store online or at the ATM.
  • Lock and unlock your card.
  • Access all of your registered cards the features associated with the card, including how to add or remove cards.
  • View a list of the recent transactions.

How to turn your card on/off

  • When your debit card is “off”, no purchases or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back “on”. This can be used to disable a lost or stolen card.
  • When the card is “on”, transactions are allowed in accordance with the cardholder’s usage control settings.

How to make the most of CardValet

  • Report or restrict PIN and signature transactions.
  • Detect unauthorized activity.
  • Establish spending limits specific to your debit card.
  • Control merchant categories.
  • Use GPS to control the purchase area.
  • Restrict usage by expandable map.

Enabling CardValet alerts

  • Real-time alerts are available right on your app and/or in your notifications.
  • The alerts and availability of transaction data offer an additional layer of fraud protection.
  • Keep informed of transactions, wherever you are.

  CardValet as a Stand-Alone app

CardValet is also available in a stand-alone app. Though this mobile app operates free of the Blackhawk Bank & Trust mobile app or online banking on desktop, it is still connected with your bank account associated with your Blackhawk Bank & Trust debit card and can provide a great tool for debit card protection.

  Download the Blackhawk Bank & Trust Mobile App

CardValet is available in the Blackhawk Bank & Trust mobile app without the need to download a separate app. Look for the "manage my cards" quick link inside the app, enter your password and begin taking control of your debit card transactions right from the app.

Download the stand-alone app from the App store or Google play.