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Credit Sense

Free Credit Report

Blackhawk Bank & Trust offers free enrollment into Credit Sense, an online service which allows you to check your credit score, compare your score to others in your neighborhood, details on what's effecting your score, and actions you can take to improve it. Plus, it comes with monitoring  controls, allowing you to receive email alerts about newly opened accounts, credit inquiries, and late payments.


Your credit score and report: new design and features!

A new modern design, with everything you loved. Plus, we added new features to help you understand and improve your financial health. 

New Credit Score Analysis "Cards"

Quickly evaluate all areas that make up your credit score.

New Interactive Simulator Tool

Select various financial decisions to see how they might affect your score. 

More Graphics and Charts

Gain additional insights and see the impact of your financial activity on your credit score.

Log in to online banking today to get started. 


Watch the video to learn more about:

  • How to log in and see your score.
  • How to see your current rating, current score, and how you can see how your score compares to other scores in your area. 
  • How to see details behind your letter grade, what's effecting your score, and actions you can take to improve it. 
  • How to activate your credit alerts and receive notifications. 
  • Viewing your credit report summary, related accounts, inquiries, and public records.
  • Downloading your report as a pdf.
  • View current offers. 
  • Access "your money" a financial literacy report for exploring topics like saving, managing credit, paying off debt, and topics to help you reach your financial goals.