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Loan Payment

Make Loan Payments with BillMatrix®

BillMatrix® is a quick and easy online loan payment method which allows you to make loan payments using a debit card or ACH from any Financial Institution. 

Make loan payments for:

  • Consumer Installment Loans
  • Consumer Lines of Credit
  • Consumer Real Estate
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Lines of Credit

Registered Users

Register as a new user or sign in as a user to schedule future and recurring and automatic payments, view online payment history made via this loan site, and see current payment due and amount due. By connecting your checking account at any financial institution, you'll be able to make payments free of charge! 

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Guest Users/Instant Payment

Guest users do not have to set up an account – all they need is their loan account number. Use a debit card or ACH (eCheck) from any financial institution to make a one time, instant payment. It's fast! Payments made before 6:00 pm are processed the same day!

*A $5.00 convenience fee applies to all guest payment options.

Make an Instant Payment

Registration and Fees


Register as a user:

Go to our loan payment center 

  • Select Registered User option
  • Click "Register Now" and complete the enrollment form
  • Loan account number and checking and routing number information from the Financial Institution(s) you want to make a payment from will be required

Sign in as a Guest/One Time Instant Payment

Go to our loan payment center

  • Select One Time Payment option
  • Enter required information - loan account number
  • Set up a one-time payment (instant - to be processed immediately, or schedule a payment for a future date)


  • A fee of $5.00 is charged for guest users.
  • Registered users can use the service free of charge with a connected checking account from any Financial Institution. Debit card payments are not accepted for registered users. 


What is BillMatrix®?

BillMatrix is a simple and secure way to make your payment directly on our website.

Do I have to create a user account or register to make a payment?

BillMatrix® allows you to make a one-time payment as a guest. Just have the account number from your bill. As a guest user, you can make your payment using your debit card, but you'll be required to enter the information every time. Registering as a user allows you to use the full set of features that BillMatrix can provide.

Is BillMatrix® secure?

Yes. Secure authentication and encryption are in place to secure user data.

What features will I have if I register?

  • Set up recurring, automatic payments.
  • View payment history.
  • DDA accounts at other Financial Institutions can be used to fund the payments.
  • Multiple accounts can be used for portions of the payment.

Is there a charge for this service?

  • A fee of $5.00 is charged for guest users.
  • Registered users can use the service free of charge with a connected checking account from any Financial Institution.

Is there a limit to how much I can pay using this service?

  • Guest users can make one-time payments of up to $3,000.00 per payment.
  • Registered users can make one-time or recurring payments of up to $5,000.00 per payment.

Where do I access BillMatrix®?

Just visit the Loan Payment Center to get started!